Role of Reproduction Rights Organizations (RROs)

by Stephanie Faulkner, Acting Secretary General, IFRRO Invited Guest Writer, Exclusive to Illustrators’ Partnership of America Some years ago, it was estimated that approximately 300 billion photocopies of copyright material…

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What are Reprographic Rights?

When a person uses a photocopy machine to copy protected works, the author’s reprographic right is being exploited.

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A Reprographics Licensing Scenario

By Bruce Lehman, Esq. There is an organization called the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC), which was formed to deal with the problem of large scale photocopying of works. A good…

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Protecting Your Rights Collectively

By Bruce Lehman, Esq. The collective rights licensing mechanism reaches its highest form in this country, and, indeed, throughout the world, in the form of organizations such as ASCAP (American…

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