Illustrators Claim Your Royalties for 2022

Illustrators Claim Your Royalties for 2022

We hope your New Year is off to a good start.

Here are some important deadlines for Illustrator members of the Artists Rights Society. On January 12 you should have received an email with due dates and claim forms for collective licensing of your published artworks in the UK, France and Spain during 2022.

ADAGP Claim Forms for France

US illustrators who have had their artworks copied from books, serials (magazines, journals), television, and newspapers can claim their share of collective licensing through ARS’ sister society, ADAGP in France.

February 23, 2023 the declaration forms for Books, Serials, TV and Private Copy Digital Press are due. This includes school texts, Science Technology and Medical (STM) texts, paperbacks, comics, fine art books, magazines, journals and newspapers where your work has been published from 1996-2022. 

DACS Payback for UK

February 20, 2023 – DACS Publication History claim form for UK

April 10, 2023 – DACS Payback second form for UK

US visual artists who have had their work licensed reprographically in the UK can apply for Payback via ARS or through the Payback portal online. Submitting claims to DACS is a two-part process, the first claim form due in February is a summary of publications including your ISBNs, ISSNs and URLs. The second form required will be due in April and includes more annotation of the original list you provided in addition to any work featured on UK TV programs and broadcasts. Both forms will need to be submitted to complete your claim — stay tuned for reminders and updates!

VEGAP Claim Forms for Spain

March 27, 2023 – VEGAP claim form for Spain

US visual artists who have had their works copied in Spain can claim reprographic royalties. For the purposes of article 25.1 of the Intellectual Property Law, assimilated publications are those publications, both on paper and in digital format, of cultural, scientific or technical content, provided that:

a) They are published in continuous series with the same title at regular or irregular intervals, so that the copies of the series have a consecutive numbering or are dated, with minimum monthly and maximum semester periodicity.

b) Have at least 48 pages per copy on paper, or similar extension in digital format. Please note that reproductions in newspapers or magazines are not included, unless they meet the requirements indicated above.

Benefits of ARS membership

Not an Illustrator Member of the Artists Rights Society? Join ARS Today to make your 2022 claims. It is free to join, and the membership form is easy to fill out. You will also need to file a W-9 form with ARS, which is available at the same link.

Have questions about reprographic rights and collective licensing? See our FAQ.

ASIP and ARS have fought tirelessly to return royalties to the illustrators who rightfully earned them! Learn more about our advocacy history for visual artists rights.