Illustrators Claim Your Royalties for 2023

Illustrators Claim Your Royalties for 2023

Start the new year off right by claiming your royalties for reprography of your illustrations and animations in foreign countries. We are writing to let you know about upcoming claims deadlines for royalties from France. On December 21st ARS members were sent an email with due dates and claim forms for collective licensing of your published artworks in France during 2023.

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Not an Illustrator Member of the Artists Rights Society? Join ARS Today to make your 2023 claims. It is free to join, and the membership form is easy to fill out. You will also need to file a W-9 form with ARS, which is available at the same link.

Have questions about reprographic rights and collective licensing? See our FAQ.

ASIP and ARS have fought tirelessly to return royalties to the illustrators who rightfully earned them!

ADAGP Claim Forms for France

US illustrators who have had their artworks copied from books, serials (magazines, journals), television, and newspapers can claim their share of collective licensing through ARS’ sister society, ADAGP in France.

January 26, 2024 the Author Activities Form is due. Note: If you have submitted this claim in years past, you do NOT need to do so this year. If you are unsure if you have submitted it before, it does not hurt to submit a new version.

February 23, 2024 Claim Forms for Books, Serials, TV and Private Copy Digital Press are due. This includes school texts, Science Technology and Medical (STM) texts, paperbacks, comics, fine art books, magazines, journals and newspapers where your work has been published from 2018-2023. 

  • Form 1: Books. Please fill out the form for all French books such as school texts, Science Technology and Medical (STM) texts, paperbacks, comics, fine art books, etc., where your work has been published 2018-2023. You do not need to include any publications that were not published in France. Please carefully follow the instructions and the required formatting, including mandatory ISBN numbers. (Most ISBN numbers can be found by searching the title on Amazon).
  • Form 2: Press. Please fill out the form for all French magazines, journals and newspapers, where your work has been published from in 2023. Please carefully follow the instructions. You do not need to provide ISSN numbers. 
  • Form 3: Television. Please complete the form for you works such animations and illustrations that appeared on international programs like PBS, BBC, National Geographic, etc, or other programs that were broadcasted in France in 2023. You may need to find out from production about their distribution and if it was shown on TV in France and if so, what channel. We understand this may be a difficult thing to find out, but we need this information to make the claim. 
  • Form 4: Private Copy Digital Press. If you are a press photographer or press illustrator, please complete the spreadsheet to indicate the regarding the percentage of income of generated by French press compared to your total income. 
  • Form 5: YouTube – New! Please complete the form for all YouTube videos that include your works. These can be videos from any date, as long as they are still visible on the platform.

DACS Payback for UK

US visual artists who have had their work licensed reprographically in the UK can apply for Payback via ARS or through the Payback portal onlinePayback 2024 will open on 15 January. Submitting claims to DACS is a two-part process, the first claim form due in February is a summary of publications including your ISBNs, ISSNs and URLs. The second form required will be due in April and includes more annotation of the original list you provided in addition to any work featured on UK TV programs and broadcasts. Both forms will need to be submitted to complete your claim — stay tuned for reminders and updates!