Don’t Miss Deadlines to Claim Your Royalties

Don’t Miss Deadlines to Claim Your Royalties


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February 23, 2021 – DACS Publication History Claims Form for UK
March 15, 2021 – VEGAP Two Claims Forms for Spain
March 25, 2021 CORRECTION: February 25, 2021– ADAGP Four Claims Forms for France


1. DACS Forms for UK due Feb. 23

US visual artists who have had their work licensed reprographically in the UK can apply for Payback via ARS or through the Payback portal online. Payback is an annual program run by DACS to distribute the secondary royalties owed to visual artists or artists’ estates by various collective licensing programs. Please find the UK Publication History Claim form here.

UK Payback forms are due no later than February 23, 2021Submit to  

Directions:  Please update your form and provide the following information for all your previous publication history up until December 31, 2020:

  • ISBN (books) and ISSN (magazines) numbers
  • Title of publication
  • Number of times your work has appeared in each publication

There is no time limit on the publication form. You may declare any work, no matter how old, as long as:
a) you own the copyright, and 
b) the work is available in the British Library.  

You can check here to determine if your works are included in the collections of the British Library. If you submitted a Publication History Claim last year, this has been saved in your online Reprographic Royalty account. Just update your form with any new titles and resubmit to ARS at

(If you complete a Publication History Claim by the February 23 deadline, you must also complete and submit a Reprographic Royalty Claim Form in April to be eligible for any share of Reprographic Royalties. ARS will remind you as the time approaches.)

If any of your publication history titles from the beginning of your career through 2020 match the titles that DACS licensed for reprographic usage during 2020, DACS will pay those secondary royalties.

2. VEGAP Forms for Spain due Mar. 15

If you would like a deeper understanding of the VEGAP distribution process, please read the guide for VEGAP distributions.

Two Forms are due no later than March 15, 2021. Download .xls
Declaration for Reprographic Rights 
Declaration for Private Copy

Top of Form: For each form, please fill in your first and last name. Please also fill in the United States for your country. ARS will fill in your IPI Number. 

Claims Section: This claims form will not take as long as UK and French claims forms, as it only requires data for the past year, 2020.

  • Declaration for Reprographic Rights Form. For the year 2020, please list the required information for all books in which you were published, as well as all serials that were published worldwide, according to the column headings.
  • Declaration of Private Copy Form. If you had any works that were broadcast for the year 2020, please fill in the information required according to the column heading.

3. ADAGP Forms for France due Mar. FEB. 25

You may have already filled out your Author Activity form due in January. These are new additional forms with a later deadline: FEBRUARY 25, 2021. These will be the last claim forms from France for this year.

Each form has an English translation in blue. There is an example entry included on each form as well. The forms are self-explanatory, but please contact us if you have any questions.

Four forms due March FEBRUARY 25, 2021 
Form 1: Declaration Form for Books. This includes school texts, Science Technology and Medical (STM) texts, paperbacks, comics, fine art books, etc., where your work has been published from 1995-2020. Please carefully follow the instructions, including entering the mandatory ISBN numbers. (Most ISBN numbers can be quickly found by searching the title on Amazon). We will add your IPI number and the Member number.  

Form 2: Declaration Form for Serials. This includes magazines, journals and newspapers, where your work has been published from 1995-2020. Please carefully follow the instructions. You do not need to provide ISSN numbers. We will add your IPI number and the Member number.  

Form 3: Declaration Form for TV. This includes animations and illustrations that appeared on international programs like PBS, BBC, National Geographic, etc. You may need to find out from production about their distribution and if it was shown on TV in France and if so, what channel. I understand this may be a difficult thing to find out, but we need this information to make the claim. Please carefully follow the instructions. We will add your IPI number. 

Form 4: Private Copy Digital Press and fill in the form for your known use in French newspapers only. Again, you may not have any known uses, but if you do, please let us know by sending in the form. Please follow the example entry as a guide. We will add your IPI number