CISAC Global Collections: Visual Arts Highlights

CISAC Global Collections: Visual Arts Highlights

The 2023 CISAC Global Collections Report is now available. Global collections for creators reach a new historical record of €12.1 billion in 2022, growing a record 26.7% to fully recover from the pandemic.

Creators’ royalties from the use of visual and graphic arts grew by +12.8% to reach a record EUR220m in 2022. This total is +33.5% above the pre-pandemic level.

Visual Arts Reprography (up 14.8%) remains the largest royalty income source for visual artists. Revenues from private copying were up +39.2%.

Collections from the artists resale right increased +7.2% during the year. This small and crucial royalty is adopted in more than 80 countries and is the second biggest visual arts income source. It is paid to the artist when their work is resold at auctions.

Despite our persistent efforts, the US still has no artist resale right and no effective domestic collective licensing for visual arts.

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