Illustrators Claim Your Royalties for 2020

Illustrators Claim Your Royalties for 2020

CLAIMS ALERT to ARS Illustrator Members: French and UK reprographic claim forms due early 2021. Not a member? Join ARS now!

January 29, 2021 – ADAGP Author Activities Claims Form for France
February 23, 2021 – DACS Publication History Claims Form for UK

1. French ADAGP Claims

It is time to begin the reprographic claims process for the collective use of your work in France during 2020 licensed by ARS sister society ADAGP.  

Download ADAGP Activity form here.

The first ADAGP form will probably take you less than 5 minutes to fill out. If you have already filled this out in previous years you do not need to submit again.

Due as soon as possible, but no later than January 29, 2021. Submit to

Directions:  Please fill in your name and place an “X” under the terms that define your works. Use the example entry as a guide and carefully note the alignment of the disciplines when making the selection. ARS will add your IPI number. 

A second form will be forthcoming from ADAGP early this year. This is the same publication history form you filled out last year. You may add your 2020 publications, and you may also add any additional entries to continue completing the record of your 1998-2020 publication history.  If any of your publication history titles from 1998-2020 match the titles that ADAGP licensed for reprographic usage during 2020, ADAGP will pay those secondary royalties.

2. UK DACS Claims + Publication History

US visual artists who have had their work licensed reprographically in the UK can apply for Payback via ARS or through the DACS Payback portal online. Payback is an annual program run by ARS sister organization DACS to distribute the secondary royalties owed to visual artists or artists’ estates by various collective licensing programs. 

Download UK Publication History Claim form here.

UK Payback opens January 18, 2021, and the first forms are due no later than February 23, 2021. Submit to 

Directions:  Please update your form and provide the following information for all your previous publication history up until December 31, 2020:

• ISBN (books) and ISSN (magazines) numbers

• Title of publication

• Number of times your work has appeared in each publication

There is no time limit on the publication form. You may declare any work, no matter how old, as long as: a) you own the copyright, and b) the work is available in the British Library.

You can check here to determine if your works are included in the collections of the British Library.If you submitted a Publication History Claim last year, this has been saved in your online Reprographic Royalty account. Just update your form with any new titles and resubmit to ARS at

(If you complete a Publication History Claim by the February 23 deadline, you must also complete and submit a Reprographic Royalty Claim Form in April to be eligible for any share of Reprographic Royalties. ARS will remind you about the Reprographic Royalty Form due in April as the time approaches.)

If any of your publication history titles from the beginning of your career through 2020 match the titles that DACS licensed for reprographic usage during 2020, DACS will pay those secondary royalties.