Tonya Hines is a board certified medical illustrator and Art Director at the Mayfield Clinic Brain & Spine. Inspired by her collaborations with neuroscientists and neurosurgeons, Tonya draws upon left-brain problem solving and right-brain creativity to develop unique visual solutions that clarify and empower understanding. With whole-brain thinking and leadership, she works with a talented multidisciplinary team of medical writers, journalists, public relations specialists, web designers, branding and business strategists, and medical illustrators. Their agency provides a broad spectrum of services in academic publication, symposia, patient education, web / social media, and healthcare marketing. Tonya has a special passion for e-patient advocacy and health literacy.

A member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) since 1988, Tonya has served as President (2013–2015), Chair of Professional Guidelines Committee (2004–present), member of Artists Rights Committee (2010–present), Board of Governors (2004–2008), salon judge, annual meeting workshop and program committees, teaching anatomical dissection workshops, and various presentations (i.e., business practices, metadata, antitrust, licensing). She received the AMI Outstanding Service Award (2007 and 2016) and received the Brodel Award for Excellence in Education in 2018.

She lectures and advocates on artists' rights, metadata, and health literacy. She is editor and co-author of the AMI Medical Illustration Business Practices and the AMI Pulse of the Profession: Compensation & Pricing Survey. She earned her medical illustration degree in 1990 from the Ohio State University.

Glia Media, a division of the Mayfield Clinic
3825 Edwards Road, Suite 300
Cincinnati, OH 45209

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